The CARE Climate and Resilience Academy is an online e-learning platform under the CARE Climate Justice Center. Its main objective is to increase development practitioners’ capacities to integrate resilience and tackle the causes and consequences of climate change in their programming, thereby increasing program quality and sustainability and increasing the resilience of the most vulnerable people. 

The academy offers four types of content: Self-Paced Courses, Learning Journeys, Trainer Packs, and Customized Trainings. 

Self-Paced Courses are free, online courses accessible 24/7 for people within and outside CARE.

Learning Journeys are subscription-based interactive online training courses that combine online courses, peer-to-peer exchanges and coaching.

Trainer Packs for trainers and facilitators containing editable training materials on resilience and climate change and facilitation tips.  

Customized Trainings are tailored Learning Journeys or other customized solutions that are developed by the CARE Climate and Resilience Academy based on your focus and interest.

The learning resources offered by the Academy are directly based on CARE’s 20 years of experience in resilience, community-based adaptation, and climate advocacy. Our course facilitators and course developers are climate and adaptation experts and passionate advocates for climate justice and resilience. By taking one of our trainings or self-paced courses you will expand and deepen your knowledge and understanding of climate change, and its causes and consequences and walk away with the skills and tools required to better tackle the complexity of the problem.  

Most of our short self-paced courses are beginner-friendly and this is indicated in the course details. They are also suitable for those who are already knowledgeable and who want to refresh their understanding. We, therefore, encourage all abilities to try out our self-paced courses. The Learning Journeys are more in-depth online training courses tailored towards practitioners and although not essential, a prior understanding of the basics to climate change adaptation or climate advocacy could be an advantage. 

Self-Paced Courses are free online courses that take around 1 hour to complete, accessible 24/7, and are open to everyone. Learning Journeys are in-depth 14-18 week, paid interactive online training led by CARE climate experts that combine online courses, peer-to-peer exchanges, live webinars, and optional coaching.

Thank you for considering supporting the Academy. You can support us in the following ways:  

Donate: By making a one-time or recurrent donation to the Academy you will allow us to continue providing free online educational material on climate justice and support the development of new self-paced courses and the participation of Global South participants in the Learning Journeys. 

Spread the word: By spreading the word about the Academy you will enable us to grow and contribute to increased learning on climate justice! You are invited to share the Academy's webpage on social media by recommending it to your colleagues, family, and friends.  

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Self-paced Courses

Yes. The short self-paced courses are geared towards climate enthusiasts and practitioners, inside and outside CARE. 

The Self-paced Courses are designed in such a way that the participant can complete them according to their own preferences meaning that there will be no time pressure.

- You can enroll in a Self-paced Course by creating a Moodle account. 

- When you enter the Dashboard of the Climate and Resilience Academy webpage you can preview various courses and subsequently enroll yourself by clicking on “Enroll” 

Upon completion of a Self-paced Course, a certificate will be automatically generated by the platform. You will receive the certificate via email, or you have the option to manually download it. To achieve a passing grade, you need to meet the requirement of 80%. To access the certificate, please go to the "my certificates" section on the Dashboard page.

Kindly be informed that the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy is a platform to expand and deepen knowledge and understanding of climate change, its causes, and consequences. It is not an officially recognized or accredited education institution. The purpose of the awarded certificates is to serve as evidence of your successful course completion. To verify the authenticity of the certificate, you can scan the QR code provided on it..

Learning Journeys

Development and humanitarian practitioners within and outside CARE who are interested or involved in climate change and resilience space can join the Learning Journeys. Please click here to sign up to our newsletter to stay informed of the start dates of our learning journeys and other developments within the Academy!

Kindly be informed that the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy is a platform to expand and deepen knowledge and understanding of climate change, its causes, and consequences. It is not an officially recognized or accredited education institution. The purpose of the awarded certificates is to serve as evidence of your successful course completion. To verify the authenticity of the certificate, you can scan the QR code provided on it.

Learning Journeys are advertised months ahead of the start date, please keep an eye out on our website or sign up for our newsletter. To enroll, please contact Aya Lemence and Hayley Capp at climateandresilience-academy@careinternational.org. Payments can be made online or through bank transfer (with an invoice). 

The Learning Journey’s individual coaching period takes place over 12 weeks and will help participants apply what they have learned from the initial e-learning phase to a project of their choice. Coaches will provide feedback and guidance through one-on-one meetings and sharing of resource materials. Participants may enroll in both e-learning and coaching ahead of the start date but may also decide on coaching later in the course. 

It should be noted that the coaching component is not available for every Learning Journey and that coaching is available based upon pending interest and/or availability of coaches. 

Yes. Different time zones will be considered when planning live sessions. The exact time of the live sessions will be communicated timely with the participants before the start of the Learning Journey.

The e-learning phase of the Learning Journeys cost 600 EUR, except for the Climate Vulnerability Analysis Learning Journey which costs 1000 EUR but includes an individual coaching phase.  

In addition to this, the Climate Advocacy and Climate Change Adaptation Learning Journeys can be followed by an individual coaching period where you apply what you have learned to a project of your choice for a total of 1200 EUR.

It should be noted that these prices are subject to change and that the final amount is included in the Learning Journey avertised on our website and LinkedIn page.

Currently, the Academy does not offer waivers or sponsorships, but discounts are available. Global South participants from local civil society organizations and local governments are eligible for a 20% discount. Enrollments of more than 5 individuals from the same organization or network will receive a 5% discount.

Please note that this discount does not apply to participants based in the Global South but sponsored by an organization with headquarters in the Global North or an organization that is part of a wider international organization. For example, CARE staff based in the Global South or staff from United Nations agencies are not eligible for the 20% discount.

Yes, and we are happy to collaborate! 

Please contact Diana Kaekebeke, Coordinator of the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy at kaekebeke@carenederland.org

The alumni community can offer you a wide range of benefits including networking opportunities and career development resources. Furthermore, alumni events will be organized by the CARE Climate & Resilience Academy on a topic of interest such as how to finance locally led climate change actions. During these events you will have the opportunity to exchange best practices and lessons learnt.

For more information and networking opportunities you can join the Alumni LinkedIn group

Trainer Packs

The CARE Climate and Resilience Academy trainer packs are designed for trainers and facilitators within and outside CARE. These free packs consist of a set of materials tailored to facilitate interactive and inspiring climate change and resilience related training in different contexts.

No. These complete packs are entirely free and include a training agenda, presentation template, games, videos, quizzes, lists of additional resources, and facilitation tips.