Gender #2 – Climate Justice and Gender Justice

Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 45 minutes

Gender inequality is a root cause of poverty. Climate change, in turn, is making poverty worse. This means that, for many women and girls living in poverty, the chances of achieving a better life are threatened by a double injustice: climate change and gender inequality.

CARE developed 2 introductory courses on this double injustice. 

  1. Gender - The basics (access it here)
  2. Climate Justice and Gender Justice (this course)

In this course on climate justice and gender justice, you will get a better understanding of:

  • How climate justice and gender justice are linked
  • What is needed to implement gender-transformative and gender-responsive interventions.



Gender (In)equality

The Double Injustice

Gender-Transformative Adaptation

How to Link Gender Equality, Women's Voices and Resilience in Practice

Final Quiz

Key Resources & Donation

Expected level to complete the course: Intermediate, but if you are not familiar with gender concepts, we advise you to take the "Gender - The basics" course first (access it here).

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This course consists of five lessons followed by a quiz to test your knowledge. To start the course, you can click on the "Enroll" button.